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Welcome Back!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Welcome Everyone, to the NEW Northeast Ohio Healthcare Coalition Website! Welcome back to our existing partners and a very warm welcome to those who are new to our group!

As we are all very keenly aware … we are all having to find new ways to network and interact with each other without physically meeting in person. It is my hope that this new website will help us to do some of that! Not only will it serve as a place where we can share regional plans and meeting documents like we did on the old website, but this new platform will allow us to communicate in real time with all of you! It will also allow all of you to communicate with each other through the website via person to person chats.

This website is a living workspace for all coalition members. If there is something that you want to see added to the website, simply reach out using the “Contact Us” feature and we will do our best to make it happen! It will also be a place where we hope to share fun resources and information such as news articles, pod casts, and books for the “preparedness nerd” in all of us. (Well … maybe only a few us for now, but give it time, some of you will come over to the dark side!)

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