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Will he or won't he? It will still be winter anyway!

Happy Groundhog's Day Eve!

I hope this message finds you all doing well and staying warm!

I have uploaded the meeting minutes and attendance to the website from last month's meeting. The meeting agenda for the February 5th meeting can also be found on the documents page. This month we will have a guest speaker from the ODH Bureau of Regulatory Operations and Bureau of Survey and Certification to talk about CMS Life Safety and Emergency Preparedness. We look forward to them joining us and I hope that you come prepared with your questions.

Thank you to all of you have reached out to me to tell me how much you enjoyed the book "Dare To Lead". The author has lots of other titles and you can catch her talks on Ted Talks and You Tube. She also has a PODCAST! I put a link to it under the Calendar & Newstand tab.

If you have a favorite book about leadership, problem solving, disasters, planning ... post a picture of it in the comments section after this post!

Let's inspire each other!

See you all on Friday!


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